Event_t Class Reference

Event class that avoids trips into the kernel when the event has been set previously.

#include <UTEvent.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Event_t (bool initially_set=false, bool allow_timeouts_other_than_zero_or_infinite=false)
 ~Event_t ()
bool Wait (int32 timeout_ms=-1)
void Set (int release_count=1)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file UTEvent.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Event_t::Event_t ( bool  initially_set = false,
bool  allow_timeouts_other_than_zero_or_infinite = false 

Event constructor. If a nonzero timeout is specified and it does time out, the atomic addition mechanism used to avoid trips into the kernel would have an unfixable race condition. Therefore, use timeouts other than zero or infinite (-1) only when necessary, and if any other timeout is used, the event must have been constructed to allow that. Using that type of event inevitably degrades its performance.

Event_t::~Event_t (  ) 

Event destructor.

Member Function Documentation

bool Event_t::Wait ( int32  timeout_ms = -1  ) 

Waits for the event to be set, or until the specified timeout has elapsed. Returns true if the event has been set and acquired, false if the timeout elapsed. If timeout_ms is specified to be -1, the function will wait indefinitely.

void Event_t::Set ( int  release_count = 1  ) 

Sets the event, possibly releasing more than one waiting thread depending on release_count.

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