BufferIOStream_t Class Reference

I/O stream which reads from or writes to a Buffer_t object.

#include <UTIOStreams.h>

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IOStream_t InputStream_t OutputStream_t

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Public Member Functions

 BufferIOStream_t (Buffer_t *buffer)
virtual Status_t Read (byte *buffer, int bytes_to_read, bool force_read_all=true)
virtual Status_t ReadLine (out String_t *line)
virtual Status_t Peek (byte *buffer, int bytes_to_read)
virtual Status_t Write (const byte *buffer, int bytes_to_write, bool force_write_all=true)
virtual Status_t Position (out fileoff_t *position)
virtual Status_t Seek (fileoff_t position)
virtual Status_t SeekRelative (fileoff_t delta)
virtual Status_t Flush ()
virtual Status_t Close ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AppendStateInfo (String_t *state) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 410 of file UTIOStreams.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BufferIOStream_t::BufferIOStream_t ( Buffer_t buffer  )  [inline]


Definition at line 584 of file UTIOStreams.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Read ( byte buffer,
int  bytes_to_read,
bool  force_read_all = true 
) [virtual]

See InputStream_t::Read for documentation.

Implements InputStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::ReadLine ( out String_t line  )  [virtual]

See InputStream_t::ReadLine for documentation, except for the comments on efficiency. BufferIOStream_t::ReadLine is optimized for reading from a RAM buffer.

Reimplemented from InputStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Peek ( byte buffer,
int  bytes_to_read 
) [virtual]

See InputStream_t::Peek for documentation.

Reimplemented from InputStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Write ( const byte buffer,
int  bytes_to_write,
bool  force_write_all = true 
) [virtual]

See OutputStream_t::Write for documentation.

Implements OutputStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Position ( out fileoff_t position  )  [virtual]

See InputStream_t::Position or OutputStream_t::Position for documentation.

Implements IOStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Seek ( fileoff_t  position  )  [virtual]

See InputStream_t::Seek or OutputStream_t::Seek for documentation.

Implements IOStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::SeekRelative ( fileoff_t  delta  )  [virtual]

See InputStream_t::SeekRelative or OutputStream_t::SeekRelative for documentation.

Reimplemented from IOStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Flush (  )  [virtual]

See OutputStream_t::Flush for documentation.

Implements OutputStream_t.

virtual Status_t BufferIOStream_t::Close (  )  [virtual]

Clears the buffer I/O stream's pointer to the buffer specified in the constructor, but does not delete it. The stream cannot be used or reopened after it has been closed.

Implements IOStream_t.

virtual void BufferIOStream_t::AppendStateInfo ( String_t state  )  const [protected, virtual]

Allows an IOStream_t subclass to output state information for file operation logging. This function and the other LOG_FILE_OPS functions are only available if LOG_FILE_OPS was defined when the UT library was built. This function will be called whenever FunctionReturn or FunctionReturnStatusCode is called, so that a state snapshot can be appended to the log of each function exit point.

Reimplemented from IOStream_t.

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